mostly web hosting companies use linux. What is linux and does it work with windows?

Chosen Answer:

I think you are really asking if you can use Linux web hosting with Windows.

The answer is yes. The server you get your web hosting from will be running Linux. What that means is when someone tries to go to your web page, the operating system of the server will send the info to the users computer, most often running Windows or Mac. The operating system of the server makes no difference to someone accessing your web page.

The difference between Linux and Windows web hosting is important when you want to have your web page perform some kind of function. If you want your web site to contain a message board, chat room, picture gallery, or any kind of dynamic information you will probably need to install a “script” on your server. Windows and Linux run different scripts.

I prefer Linux. I use PHP and CGI scripts. Windows uses ASP.

There are other languages but these are the most common.